NES Global Talent is an award winning manpower specialist that provides candidates across the Oil & Gas, Power, Construction & Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Mining and IT sectors worldwide. We provide guaranteed staffing solutions, sourced from a global talent pool by a dedicated, discipline specific team of over 650 staff.

It’s people that deliver projects and with over 48 offices in 28 countries across Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, we have access to the best talent wherever it may be in the world. NES Global Talent can offer a full range of staffing solutions: Contract, Permanent (Direct) Hire, Managed Solutions, or a fully outsourced service. These services are complemented by an industry leading support service and mobility package to ensure clients keep hold of the top talent in a compliant manner for as long as they need it.

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Celebrating 4 decades of success

In 1978, Northenden Engineering Services was established by co-founders, Geoff Lloyd and Bryan Sullivan. The company was known as NES International, NES Overseas and often simply "NES" before becoming NES Global Talent as part of a re-branding exercise in 2011.
The business grew impressively  and was sold to AEA Investors in 2012 for £234m, more than three times as much as it was valued six years previously.
Due to our strong financial base we have been able to make 5 strategic acquisitions in the last 5 years, adding  Energy People, RC consultants, Sure Flow, Frontica Advantage and Ziegler's Oilfield Consulting to our portfolio. This means we are now by far the largest oil and gas staffing provider in the industry.
In the last 12 months we have also successfully diversified our business and transferred the NES brand in to 6 complementary sectors such as Power and Construction, enabling the business to not only survive but continue to thrive in over 48 countries across the globe.

awards & accolades

NES Global Talent prides itself on delivering quality, award winning services. Our success is based up on establishing a culture of excellence throughout the organisation and putting customer satisfaction at the centre of everything we do. 


NES Global Talent received certification of the international standard EN ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management in 1994, which has been held ever since. The certification covers the provision of staffing solutions to industry and professions.

Registration is maintained from the NES head office in Manchester, UK, and applies to all UK offices. However, every global office follows the same processes and procedures, including those focused on customer satisfaction.

Being ISO certified ensures that we maintain consistency in our internal processes and enables us to deliver a high level of satisfaction to both candidates and clients. Customers can be confident that NES are listening to their needs and delivering staffing solutions to meet both their requirements and any legislative obligations, no matter where in the world they may be. We strive to continually improve our internal management systems in line with business growth and expansion, and measure this through our regular customer NPS surveys




Our customers are at the centre of everything we do.

  1. Our first priority is to deliver safe, efficient and effective solutions to our clients’ needs.
  2. Contractors and candidates are valued customers. They deserve our best possible service to ensure that they can fully focus on our clients’ work.
  3. Our support teams serve external customers, and they enable and empower their colleagues in recruitment, sales and account management.


We do the right things in the right way every time.

  1. Personal integrity and responsibility are the foundation of our business.
  2. We own our responsibility to our customers, colleagues and shareholders.
  3. We differentiate our solutions on the basis of compliance, and we choose to do business with those that value integrity and responsibility.


We bring passion and determination to our work every day.

  1. We work harder and smarter to make a real difference.
  2. We look for opportunities to grow and develop our own expertise and talents.
  3. We give back to those around us and in our communities.


Our business is dynamic and customised to the needs and opportunities of the local markets where we compete.

  1. We are creative, adaptive and consistent.
  2. We look for new opportunities for growth and improvement.
  3. We take personal ownership for results.


We work together as one team, always.

  1. Our collaboration – globally and locally – sets us apart.
  2. We strive to be the best player in our position, for ourselves and for our teammates.
  3. We value diversity; it makes us better.

Meet the team

Our experts are specialists in their field and have been contributing to the success of NES Global Talent for more than 35 years.



Supporting communities across the globe 

NES Global Talent operates from over 45 offices across the world and we feel it is important to not only provide employment opportunities in these areas, but also to give back to the local communities and support the causes that matter to them. ​
​If you would like to make us aware of a charity that needs support in your region, please contact us