• Brazil and Iraq remain oil and gas hotspots
  • Surge in jobs in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East
  • Developments in shale gas in US and UK leads to job creation

NES Global Talent, the leading global manpower specialist, expects the worldwide war for talent to intensify in 2013 as more projects are given the green light and the oil and gas industry competes with other sectors for technical and engineering experts.

“A number of approved projects that were put on the back burner during the global recession are now developing well and getting closer to peak manpower, whilst there are more new projects in the pipeline for 2013 and as such increasingly innovative solutions are required to combat the skills shortage,” said Simon Coton, Managing Director at NES Global Talent.

He said that Brazil and Iraq would remain hotspots for exploration and production activity with Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East also experiencing a surge in oil and gas jobs.

“Oil and gas activity is booming but with an estimated talent shortfall of 40,000 engineers in Brazil alone we must work hard to fill the talent gap by recruiting and training local talent, hiring engineers from other heavy industries such as mining and shipbuilding and also by tapping into talent in developing nations. We will continue to work with our clients to create and deliver the innovative solutions which are required to fill the skills gap,” he said.

Mr Coton explained that existing and planned oil and gas projects would also have to compete for talent with other sectors.

“Building or rebuilding the infrastructure required in many emerging countries to meet economic growth targets will take a massive share of the world’s graduating civil, electrical and mechanical engineers for years to come.” Mr Coton said.

“As well as the continued development of megaprojects such as Gorgon in Australia, there are a host of new projects worth in excess of $25 billion are being developed in a number of global locations,” he added.
Mr Coton said: “New opportunities are also presenting themselves in the US and UK. There are a number of big projects taking shape in the Gulf of Mexico and with the potential of a shale gas boom and the US becoming an exporter of LNG, we expect a large number of jobs to be created.

“In the UK, the government recently gave the green light to fracking with Prime Minister David Cameron calling for Britain to be at the heart of a ‘shale gas revolution’. The UK shale gas industry will start to take shape in 2013, which in turn will open up a host of new opportunities.”

NES Global Talent is proud to announce the strategic alignment between ourselves and the Fircroft Group to create NES Fircroft, one of the leading human capital solutions businesses for engineering and technical talent globally.