Although terrorist attacks are infrequent, the threat is still higher than it was in previous years and multiple attacks recently have demonstrated the hostility that exists in some regions. Although not a specific target, contractors should remain extra vigilant if working in areas deemed as high risk, whether they are on business or otherwise.

NES Global Talent support all our contractors by giving access to up-to-date advice on travel, pre-mobilisation, security concerns, and ‘areas to avoid’ upon request. The service is provided through a partnership with Control Risks/International SOS, a global risk consultancy and is available in multiple languages. It offers real-time information and advice on current unsafe situations, keeping contractors safe and well informed.

Our contractors have the ability to install the International SOS assistance app, for one-click dialling for immediate help, mobile-friendly security information, real-time security alerts, and travel advice.

If you are a contractor with NES Global Talent, please see the contact details at the bottom of this article on how to request the services.

Below is some advice from the UK National Counter Terrorism Police on how to stay safe if you are involved in an attack:


  • Escape the situation if possible
  • Assess the situation; can you escape without exposing yourself to greater danger?
  • If there is a safe route then run
  • Leave your belongings
  • Insist others leave, but don’t let their hesitation slow you down
  • If there isn’t, then hide


  • Hide if you can’t run
  • Find cover. Try to find heavy walls, brickwork, etc.
  • Be quiet and silence your phone (turn off the vibration)
  • If possible, barricade yourself into an area and move away from the entrance
  • Be aware of your exits


  • Call the emergency services and tell them the following:
    • Location – where are the suspects and where you are
    • Direction – when you last saw the suspects, where do you think they were going
    • Descriptions – what did the suspects look like & what where they wearing
    • Further information – building information (entrances & exits), casualties, hostages
  • Stop other people entering the building if it doesn’t put you in additional danger

If you are a contractor with NES and you’d like to find out more about our security advice services, please contact us.

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