Located in the southern Athabasca oil sands region, 150km south of Fort McMurray in north-east Alberta, the Christina Lake Project is a 200km2 steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil sands development.

Construction was approved in 2005 and the project came on-stream in 2008 after phase 1 was completed. Phase 2 followed in 2009, making up a total of 25,000 bpd production capacity. Phase 2B added an additional 35,000 bpd capacity and began production in 2013. Phase G is the most recent expansion which was halted due to declining oil prices, but is now planned to go ahead in the first half of 2017, currently around 20% complete.

The project is set to increase its total oil production in 2017 by 17% year on year after Cenovus Energy announced plans to increase its capital investment to $1.2 – $1.4 billion in 2017, a 24% increase from 2016.

The site currently operates at around 95,000 bpd, and recent developments look to push that to 100,000 bpd by 2019. The site has a total gross capacity of up to 210,000 barrels per day. Production is expected to operate for more than 30 years.

Facilities on the site include natural gas lines, well pads, storm ponds, tank farms, an oil processing facility, and water recycling ponds.

SAGD involves using a pair of horizontally stacked wells. The top well injects steam which separates the bitumen from the sand. The bottom well then collects the bitumen and water, and pumps to the surface. The bitumen and water are then separated and the bitumen is taken to be processed whilst around 90% of the water is recycled for re-use.

The Christina Lake Project is one of the most efficient facilities in the industry, using less water and natural gas to produce a barrel of oil, producing less greenhouse gases in the process. The steam-oil ration is approximately 1.9, with anything below 3 considered to be efficient.

Christina Lake Jobs with NES Global Talent

NES Global Talent have a long history recruiting for oil and gas jobs in Canada, and have been involved in supplying professionals to the Christina Lake project.

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  • Production Operators
  • Safety Advisors
  • Planners & Schedulers

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