A super giant oil field in southern Iraq, close to the Kuwait border, the Rumaila Oil Field is considered to be the fourth largest oil field in the world, after Ghawar, West Qurna, and Majnoon.

The field was discovered in 1953 and production began in 1972. Oil sits approximately 7,900ft below the surface. There is an estimated 17 billion barrels contained with Rumaila, which is 12% of Iraq’s total reserves (circa. 143 billion).

Rumaila is operated by Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO), which is composed of BP, PetroChina, and the South Oil Company of Iraq.

The ROO took control in 2010 and since then the number of producing wells has increased by around 50%. More than 240 new wells have been drilled and $200bn generated for the Iraqi economy.

In December 2016 the field was producing around 1.45m barrels a day, more than it has in 27 years and up from 1m barrels a day in 2009. The field has produced a total of 3 billion barrels since ROO started operations in 2010.

The field’s workforce is 93% made up of Iraqi nationals, creating more than 6,800 oil and gas jobs for the local people. The other 7% of the workforce is made up of international employees and contractors, working with the locals in partnership.

Rumaila Expansion

As many facilities date back to the 1970s, investment in new equipment and plant such as separation units, dehydrators, and de-salters has been taking place.

As of mid-2015, 200 new wells had been drilled and 144 submersible pumps installed. The 14 degassing stations on the field are all under renovation, repair or refurbishment.

Technology such as real-time well logs, advanced core sample analysis and 3D subsurface maps have improved performance, accuracy and efficiency.

One of the largest water injection projects in the world has been implemented, increasing from 60,000 to 900,000 barrels per day after renovations and improvements on treatment plants, pumping stations, and pipelines.

If production targets are reached after the renovation and expansion, production at the field should reach 2.85m barrels a day, making Rumaila the second largest oil field in the world after the Ghawar Oil Field in Saudi Arabia.

Rumaila Jobs with NES Global Talent

With a presence in Iraq since 2008, NES Global Talent have fully manned offices in both Erbil and Basra, providing on-ground support and payroll solutions to our contractors.

Alongside the Rumaila Oil Field, we are a key provider on a number of projects in the region, including the Majnoon, Khazzan, and West Qurna.

Some of the positions we recruit for on the Rumaila field include:

  • QA&QC / HSE / Integrity
  • Operations / Production / Commissioning / Maintenance
  • Planning / Project Services / Procurement
  • Drilling / Subsurface / Geotechnical
  • Security / Movements & Logistics
  • Discipline Engineers
  • IT / Accounting

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