NES Global Talent was established nearly 40 years ago in 1978 and has grown into one of the largest oil and gas staffing providers in the market with thriving operations over 48 countries across the globe.

What makes NES so successful? There are a number of reasons why a contractor or candidate may choose us, including the numerous assignment support services we offer, but at the root of our success is people.

In this article, we wanted to highlight this with an interview with our longest serving contractor, Gary Strang, who works with NES Sure Flow (a division of NES Global Talent) as an IOR Operations Manager on the Cold Lake project in Alberta, Canada.

Can you briefly describe your position?

I manage scheduling for both people & equipment, which currently comprises of managing 64 x Wellsite Supervisors, 8 x Operators, 21 x service rigs, 8 x corod rigs, 2 x flush by units, a coil tubing unit, pump & tank for completions, abandonments & other miscellaneous well servicing work.

Essentially my job involves juggling people’s schedules with their personal lives, along with working with spreadsheets and numbers and a lot of problem solving both personal & technical.

What do you like about your role?

I enjoy being a leader (currently Operations Manager) and have been fortunate most of my career to have jobs I have enjoyed. Currently as a manager I get to help other people grow professionally and get to think about and plan areas that help that process, and especially enjoy seeing the results.

I’m also a valued resource in the company and the go-to person for a lot of things, although I love the fact that I am constantly learning new things in my role, even after 25 years.

Last but not least, I appreciate being given the autonomy to come and go from the office to the field as and when necessary to handle on-site issues and the freedom to perform my responsibilities by whatever means I deem necessary.

Tell us about the location of your assignment?

The Imperial Oil Cold Lake oil sands site is located near Cold Lake, Alberta, east of Edmonton and near Alberta’s border with Saskatchewan. Cold Lake Oil sands deposit is one of the largest oil sands deposit in Alberta.

What has the location of your assignment done for you from a family and community perspective?

Being able to balance a home life is very important to me and my co-workers and the location of my assignment plays a big role in allowing me to be flexible with this. I am home every night with time to enjoy a quality time with family and friends.

What have been your main achievements whilst working at Cold Lake?

The numerous times I have placed and helped new Well Site Supervisors with their careers is a particular highlight for me.

Health and safety is also important in my role and I have worked 42 years in the Oilfield incident free and completed countless high pressure mud kills without incident.

I’ve also received 3 letters of acknowledgement from the Energy Resources Conservation Board for Well Control Operations as well as a Safety Leadership Award from Imperial Oil.

What aspects about NES Sure Flow has meant you have been happy with them for 25 years?

NES Sure Flow has a sense of family. The company truly values people on a personal level and recognizes that their supervisors, sub-contractors and employees are the foundation of the company.

How has NES Sure Flow supported your career?

NES Sure Flow ensures that each and every one of their contractors and employees are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to provide their services safely and effectively. This has allowed me to excel in my career in a safe environment.

How have you seen NES Sure Flow change over the years?

I have been with NES Sure Flow since their inception in June of 1992. The main focus started right here at Imperial Oil primarily providing supervision in the completion and workover of wells. That quickly grew and NES Sure Flow acquired more clients in the immediate area as well as expanding to power engineers etc.

I have witnessed the company grow to where we are today with NES Sure Flow being one of the leading oil and gas staffing providers in the region.

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