NES Global Talent's Commitment to Diversity

April 5, 2018

With 48 offices around the globe NES have a diverse workforce and we recognise, respect and value the diverse nature of the wider society in which we operate.

However we do not feel it is enough to simply implement procedures in line with equality legislation and we have broadened our approach to ensure we are working towards being market leaders in tackling diversity issues and are supporting our clients to achieve their diversity goals.

Diversity in Recruitment – Gender

We are proud to partner with APSCO’s “Women in recruitment” action group and have committed to their Gender Equality Charter which is a public commitment by recruitment firms to promote gender equality throughout the business. As a signatory we work to ensure that we achieve best practice in our recruitment, career progression and retention practices as employers and aim to empower our female employees to achieve their full potential.

To make recruitment diversity a reality we commit to focusing on the following key areas:  

  • Internal Recruitment: recruiting fairly from as wide a base as possible.
  • External Recruitment: encouraging applications from as diverse a base as possible.
  • Encouraging end-user clients to recruit in a fair and diverse manner.
  • Encouraging diversity at senior decision-making levels.

Supporting Women in Energy

NES Global Talent is a member of Pink Petro - an organisation dedicated to connecting and advancing women in Energy. Our Marketing Director sits on their Global Community Council and meets quarterly with peers from organisations such as Baker Hughes GE, Cheniere and Halliburton to connect on emerging issues and challenges.

In 2017 we surveyed c.1000 female engineers and will be publishing the results of our findings and discussing how we can address the areas they highlighted in a series of workshops throughout  2018. More details to be announced soon. Follow NES on social media to find out where the nearest event to you will be held and book your place.

Read the findings from our previous survey here.