At NES, we support gender diversity in the workplace and we’re committed to helping increase job opportunities for women. Our aim is to build upon existing diversity in the industries we work within and to do so; we’re celebrating diversity by exploring the stories of some of our female engineers. We spoke to Lexi Meeke, who originally began her career in the oil and gas industry at the age of 24. She has since made a change and now works in the mining industry, as a Category Specialist.

1. What’s been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was working in an organisation that did not allow for any flexibility in arrangements for working parents. Subsequently, I have moved to a position where I am contracted into an organisation that is entirely supportive of working parents and empowers all personnel to strive for higher achievement. 

2. Would you recommend your career choice to other women?

I would recommend mining as a career choice for women. I would especially recommend my current employer and wish I had started here a long time ago!

3. What can the mining industry do to improve opportunities for women?

I am currently on contract and I would suggest that many organisations could take a leaf out of my current firm when it comes to the transparent and abundant opportunities provided for women. I’ve never felt more valued as a female employee and I’ve never felt more like a success as both a mother and a ‘business woman.’

4. How have you found the support from NES?

The support from NES is warm, friendly and remains at a good level at all times. It’s very important that working as a contractor you feel as if you are supported by NES, but also allowed to melt more into the fabric of the organisation with whom you are contracted.

NES and Diversty 

With over 60 offices around the globe, NES has a diverse workforce and we recognise, respect and value the diverse nature of the wider society in which we operate. We are proud to partner with APSCO’s “Women in recruitment” action group and have committed to their Gender Equality Charter; we are a member of Pink Petro - an organisation dedicated to connecting and advancing women in Energy and last year we conducted a survey in partnership with Energy Jobline that asked over 1000 female engineers how they feel about working in the industry.

We are committed to increasing job opportunities for women and helping client to meet their diversity goals. If you're an employer looking for assistance with your staffing requirements, please contact us

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