As we venture into Q4 of 2018, one of the trends we’ve witnessed over the past year is the shift to hiring local talent.

Before the downturn and layoffs between 2014 and 2017, the oil and gas industry in the US sourced and mobilized talent from all over the world; hiring tactics and staffing strategies were part of a bigger budget.

The industry is prospering once again, but has now matured into a stricter cost-conscious industry with tighter budgets and more stringent compliance laws. Both over-hiring and cost-savings are concerns for clients in booming areas like the Permian Basin, Midwest and Gulf region.

These concerns have led to strategic hiring strategies that include a push to hire local candidates. Below, we set out the 5 main reasons why oil and gas operators across the US are looking to do this.


Localized experience

Hiring locally also helps companies in areas like the Permian and other shale plays to access talent that has localized project, geographical and company experience. Local knowledge can be a big asset and can potentially mean a reduction in training costs and induction ‘settling-in’ time.

Supporting the community

Companies, especially those in the Permian Basin, prefer to hire local candidates to ensure they are supporting the community in which they are based. Since the boom of the Permian, they have since equipped their community with the necessary developmental tools and resources to enter the oil and gas industry.


Cost-savings for the industry is at an all-time high. When companies choose to source talent locally versus mobilizing talent, they can cut costs. Mobilization of talent can be an important part of oil and gas company’s staffing strategy depending on the skills required and the location of the project, but cutting this necessity out when hiring locally can help the bottom line.

Reducing time-to-hire

Candidates that are geographically closer to the project can start quicker, as mobilization not only costs money but can also take extra time in terms of client and candidate organization and travel times.


It goes without saying that an employee is less likely to leave the position if they are already established in the area in terms of accommodation, family and friends. Taking the personal sacrifice out of the equation helps keep staff happy and motivated in their role.


Look out for our next post on the challenges of hiring locally.

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