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Based on our survey of 1,200 female professionals working in the energy industry, of those women working in renewables, 63 percent are less than five years into their career in comparison to oil and gas which had just 28% of new entrants.

Oil and gas had the most women working in the sector however, indicating the continued prevalence of oil and gas in the energy industry. 

The renewable energy sector is likely attracting young people due to its modern approach and environmental conscience, "resonating" with women early in their career. The survey shows however that all sectors of the energy industry are behind in closing the gender gap, and inclusivity is still a challenge.

Respondents said that more flexible working hours and better communication could make their company culture more welcoming and encouraging to women and that enhanced benefits, maternity leave and remote access to work would attract more women to the sector. 

The biggest challenges the energy industry faces, those surveyed said, are a lack of suitable roles and a lack of mentorship in their field. However a strong sign that the industry is changing is that 63% of those surveyed said they were the main bread winner in the family and positively, the study shows ‘engineering’ as the most common job type (at 31 per cent) for all energy sectors, indicating more young women are taking on STEM subjects and qualifying in the engineering fields. Only one fifth of respondents claimed to specialise in the commonly named ‘Pink jobs’.

NES will be highlighting further results from the survey at the Hart Energy Luncheon in Houston on February 12th, for women working in the energy sector. The event will celebrate 25 influential women working in the oil and gas industry. 


Find out more and download the results of the survey here.  

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