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Jobs in the Oil & Gas industry attract some of the most enthusiastic and determined energy professionals that the world has to offer. Here we consider a variety of skilled engineering personnel that play the roles of ‘The Hidden Heroes’ and are fundamentally important to the success of an energy project.  

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The Environmental Engineer

Job description: Environmental engineers use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology and chemistry to prevent and remediate the environmental impacts of the oil and gas industry. They are involved in efforts to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, and pollution control. Professionals are generally employed within the exploration, production and pipeline areas, and have opportunities both on and offshore, auditing rig activity, oil fields and refineries to reinforce regulatory compliance with government regulations.

For an environmental engineer in the oil and gas sector, overtime work is often required to ensure that deadlines are met and the project is built to specification. This technical role requires individuals that are highly skilled at problem-solving and those that have a clear understanding of topics outside of their scope of training. Environmental Engineers need fantastic interpersonal skills, as they work with a wide range of different professionals across the energy sector, both internally and externally to the project site.

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The Geophysicist

Job description: Geophysicists observe the physical aspects of the earth using a range of methods, including studying gravity, the magnetic field, electrical currents and seismic activity. They play a vital role in the oil and gas industry by mapping out what lies below the earth’s surface through collecting data on seismic waves. A Geophysicist plays an important part of scoping out project sites before drilling can begin by assessing the potential oil and gas yield of any given project site.

Geophysicists need the passion and enthusiasm to question every aspect of normality.

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The Technical Assistant

Job description: A key role in any project team or organisation, a Technical Assistant ensures that all tasks, both technical and administrative, are completed in a timely manner to support teams in the delivery of their project. The role is varied and can include producing technical reports through data analysis, preparing technical drawings, sourcing historical documents and developing technical databases. The Technical Assistant plays a crucial part in oil and gas projects - miscalculations or missed deadlines could put the whole project at risk.

Efficiency and continuity are key attributes of a technical assistant and will enable a technical team to achieve timely delivery of engineering projects.

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Exploration / Project Manager

Job description: An Exploration / Project Manager oversees the organisation’s exploration function to discover and evaluate the prospect of significant oil or gas deposits and their value. This job also requires adherence to federal, state and local regulations; stringent compliance is key.

The Exploration / Project Manager must ensure their team plans to the energy employer’s strategic plan, whilst attracting and training junior staff to ensure project sustainability and in an effort to overcome the growing skills gap.

This role carries a lot of responsibility - Managers must be experienced within the industry to have the confidence to make decisions based on their own skills and knowledge that support the project scope.

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Turnaround Planner

Job description: Turnaround Planners work closely with numerous departments including Maintenance, Operations, Marine, Safety, and Engineering to create and develop comprehensive and inclusive work plans for execution during facility shutdowns.

The planner needs to have a complete understanding of scheduling and development of both long and short term work plans, alongside strong communication skills to effectively interface with the different departments to ensure safe, reliable, and cost effective operations across the offshore facility or oilfield.

The turnaround planner role requires a strong team worker, a problem-solver, and someone who can multi-task in order to work effectively.

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