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 Renewable Energy Job Opportunities
are at an all-time high – just in time for National Green Week!

The 3rd of February marks the start of National Green week in America and this year there’s a lot to celeb

The last decade has been extremely pivotal for the
renewable energy market

and as we enter 2020 it continues to create stable and high-wage jobs
for a wide range of candidates with varying skills and experience. Currently, over
3.3 million Americans are employed
in the renewable energy sector and this number is only rising as many States
set higher efficiency standards and clean energy goals, making
the future outlook for the renewables market an exciting one.


Global Talent Power Director, Dustin House, said:


National Green week is the perfect time to reflect on the current outlook
of the Renewable Energy market, and I’m pleased to say we’re in a very positive
position in this growing market. NES Global Talent currently supports a number
of key projects across Renewables, and our discipline-specific consultants are
supporting our client’s staffing requirements across wind, solar, biomass and
hydroelectric opportunities. Renewable Energy will only continue to make up a
larger and larger part of the worlds’ energy portfolio, creating thousands of
job opportunities for Americans. NES is looking forward to continuing our
efforts to support both clients with their workforce needs and candidates in advancing
their careers


Key Renewable Energy Projects in


Global Talent is currently supporting key projects across America, from
solar plants and wind farms to hydropower facilities, meaning we have
plenty of job opportunities for engineers
looking to enhance their energy careers. Projects include:


The Rocky
Mountain Hydroelectric Plant:Hydropower is one of the world’s leading sources for
power generation
. This
project is located in Georgia at the top of Rock Mountain and was commissioned
in 1995. The scope of work is centered on generator maintenance.

New-build Solar Farms: More Solar Power was installed globally than any other
power generating technology in the last decade
and America is no exception. We’re currently providing
Civil Engineers for the design & planning stages of major solar projects
across the US.

Vineyard Offshore Wind Farm:Wind Power is constantly evolving, creating exciting careers for skilled
technicians. This up and coming project is set to be the United States’ largest
offshore wind development yet. It will open up a variety of Engineering and
Project Leadership positions for skilled engineers.

Franklin Park Wind Farm: This is another cutting-edge wind project and is located in Texas. The scope of
work includesWind Technicians for
oil change-outs on multiple wind turbines.

Ohio Falls Power Plant: Is a Hydroelectric Power Station in Kentucky dating back to the mid
1920’s. The scope of work is centered on generator maintenance.

If you’re looking to contribute your skills
to any of these exciting projects, check our Renewable Energy Job Vacancies and get in touch to learn more about enhancing your
career with NES.

NES Global Talent and
Staffing Renewable Energy Projects

At NES we’re excited to see such a
sustained and unprecedented growth in renewable schemes supporting the energy
industry. If you’re looking for staffing solutions for your next renewables
project, our
discipline-specific consultants can support you across all stages of your
renewable project life cycle,
skilled personnel from the funding, design project management, installation
& commissioning phase’s right through to plant operations & maintenance
and grid installations.

The spread of COVID-19 is affecting all of us. But as a global staffing company, NES would like to reassure our customers that we are fully operational across all our locations and are working closely with clients to ensure essential projects stay on track at this difficult time. For regular updates, please see our COVID-19 Support Hub.