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As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, you may find you have to quarantine or self-isolate. 

In the event that you find yourself in this situation, we have compiled a list of essentials to pack and household supplies to have for self-isolation. In some countries, for example China, you may be requested to enter a government hotel for your quarantine period and we have also suggested some essential items for this eventuality.

Preparing for self-isolation or quarantine 

To ensure you are prepared for this instance, you should stock up a 14-day supply of food for every person (and pet) in your household. Be realistic in what you need and try not to over-buy items as this can result in a shortage for others.  

Consider buying items that will last longer such as: 

  • Dry goods like rice, pasta and oats
  • Canned foods that contain liquid like tomatoes, beans and tuna
  • Comfort food items like coffee, snacks and chocolate

As well as essential healthcare products such as: 

  • Soap, hand sanitiser, toilet paper, tissues, feminine care products and nappies/diapers (if you have young children)
  • Ensure you have a 30-day supply of your prescription medications
  • Maintain a first-aid kit with supplies to treat common injuries

Taking care of your physical and mental health is vital 

In the case of a period of self-isolation or quarantine, it’s important to look after both your physical and mental health:

  • Ensure you have entertainment items on hand such as books, board games and card games.
  • Take advantage of communication apps and keep in touch with friends and family – there are many to choose from that offer difference services depending on your needs.  
  • If you are able to, do some work from home to keep your mind stimulated. You could also consider studying and learning something new or playing an online game.
  • Don’t forget to keep your body moving – do yoga, online fitness lessons, skipping, etc. Many apps are available for fitness instruction, as well as free content on streaming websites such as YouTube.
  • Lastly, stay hydrated and keep regular sleeping patterns.

Quarantine Essentials for a Government Hotel 

If you undertake 14-day quarantine at a government facility, expect temperature checks conducted twice daily, in addition to throat, nose or blood tests once a day.

Before you go, consider packing:

What else might you need? 

Prior to entering your period of self-isolation or quarantine, it is important that you have prepared for the possibility of needing outside services, such as online shopping, food delivery services, and medical supplies if you have a pre-existing medical issue.

If you’re an NES contractor, The Assignment Support teams are fully committed to assisting you should you require any assistance during this time. We prioritise the health and mental wellbeing of our contractors and shall do all we can to ensure this process is as comfortable as possible.

For more advice on Covid-19, click here

The spread of COVID-19 is affecting all of us. But as a global staffing company, NES would like to reassure our customers that we are fully operational across all our locations and are working closely with clients to ensure essential projects stay on track at this difficult time. For regular updates, please see our COVID-19 Support Hub.