An Oil and Gas job will undoubtedly introduce you to a new industry-specific vocabulary and jargon.

This blog has collated terms beginning with the letter "L".

Lag time - The time taken for cuttings to reach the surface. The term is also used in place of cycle time.

Lease - A legal document conveying the right to drill for oil and gas i.e. begin exploration of production activity within a specified area.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) - Naturally occurring gas (primarily methane and ethane), which is liquefied for transportation. Natural gas becomes a liquid at the very low temperature of minus 258 degrees ºF and may be stored and transported in the liquid state. This process is often required when a gas pipeline is not available to transport gas to the market place – such as remote jungle areas and offshore.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) - Gas mainly composed of propane and butane (light hydrocarbon material), which is gaseous at atmospheric temperature and pressure, held in the liquid state by pressure to facilitate storage, transport and handling. The gas is obtainable from refinery gases or after the cracking process of crude oil. Commercial liquefied gas consists essentially of either propane or butane, or mixtures thereof, and is also referred to as “bottled gas”. The ease of conversion to a gaseous state means it can be used industrially or domestically.

Liquid desiccant - A hygroscopic liquid used to remove water / water vapour from a gas stream. Some are glycols (diethylene, triethylene and tetraethylene), which are substances that can be regenerated i.e. the water
absorbed by these substances can also be separated from them. Some liquid desiccants however, such as methanol or ethylene, cannot be regenerated.

Live oil - Oil containing dissolved gas in solution (gas that is dissolved in a liquid, such as water or oil) that may be released from solution at surface conditions. Live oil must be handled and pumped under closely controlled conditions to avoid the risk of explosion or fire.

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