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Compliance Services


Whether in your home country or overseas, we have a number of insurance programmes in place for contractors, including: employers’ liability, workers compensation, general liability and third party liability programmes to cover for things like injury, death, damage to property and injury to other individuals. 

In the UK, we have a programme in place to help our contractors purchase essential business insurances through a Professional Liability Plan (PLP) easily and at a competitive price.

Please discuss with your local consultant to find out what insurances will be applicable for your assignment.

Tax Requirements

When you have found a new job overseas, often the last thing on your mind are your tax implications. We support our contractors by making professional financial information readily available wherever in the world you are. Whether you are in Angola, Papua New Guinea or Norway, you want to know how to stay compliant and how to stay tax efficient.

As part of our strategy to deliver added value, we have teamed up with our global financial advisor Deloitte. They provide free access to new business information on a range of tax and business issues through detailed reports for 50 countries and synopsis reports for a further 100 countries. Their business guides and snapshots also look at current issues and trends on tax legislative, regulatory and judicial developments. To access the reports click here.

UK Tax Advice

NES Global Talent has partnered with leading employment tax specialists, John Hill & Associates, who offer our contractors an initial tax consultation to help demystify tax requirements. This initial tax consultation is completely free and is designed to help you clarify any issues you might have or to ask any tax related questions you may have around:

  •  Employment taxes & PAYE/NIC investigations
  • IR35 and MSC legislation
  • Tax dispute resolution & management of HMRC enquiries
  • Income tax & capital gains tax mitigation

To arrange an appointment call 01704-870-148 or email