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Payroll Services

Industry leading service... guaranteed

We have invested in industry leading systems, award winning training and are proud to boast we employ the world's best payroll team! - as testament to this we have not only been reaccredited by the prestigious Payroll Quality Partnership but also won the coveted industry award for "International payroll provider of the year" at the CIPP Excellence Awards 2016.

We are so confident in our payroll service that we have introduced service guarantees to give you peace of mind when you’re working with us.

Payroll guarantee for contractors

We know how important it is that you are paid correctly and on time. We all do our best to avoid them, but mistakes can sometimes happen and we know how inconvenient this is if it happens with your pay.

Through our payroll guarantee you will be paid correctly: first time, every time.

It covers you for:

  • Late payments
  • Incorrect amounts
  • Incorrect currencies

If we make a mistake with your pay, you’ll receive 100 USD compensation per day, (1) (or the equivalent in your currency) – from the day after you have formally notified us by submitting an online payroll guarantee form until the day it is rectified by us.

All you need to do is:

  • Make sure you submit your timesheets in on time
  • Retain confirmation your sent fax/email submission
  • Send your timesheets to the right fax number or email address(2)

If you think that you are entitled to make a claim, fill out our payroll guarantee form.

(1) Subject to the Payroll Guarantee Offer Terms and Conditions (2) The correct fax numbers and email address is included in your Payroll Pack.