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Safety and Security

International engineering & technical jobs can be based in challenging environments, which can cause stress and worry for our contractors and their families.

The safety of our contractors is paramount, which is why we aim to provide the best you can get in safety and support. We go beyond just simple recruitment.

24 hours - 365 days a year

We have a partnership with Control Risks, a leading independent global risk consultancy with a network of government, police, NGO, banking, media and law specialists across all continents. They are used by the most influential organisations in the world to protect their people.

Through Control Risks we offer all our candidates a helpline that is activated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can call them for:

  • Travel advice
  • Pre-mobilisation advice
  • Any security concerns you may have
  • Advice on “areas to avoid”

Furthermore, this service is multilingual. In the event that an incident occurs we have access to real-time information and world class response teams who can rapidly remove you from dangerous situations.

Helpline Number: +44 (0)20 7939 8674

We also work with City Brief, an online security information portal, providing independent analyses of the latest political, security and travel developments in over 300 cities worldwide.

Partners on the ground

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, but with more than 45 offices in 28 countries we are never far from the contractors that we represent. In emergency situations we have partners on the ground to assist with any crises.

To ensure we fully understand the requirements and implications of all the areas our candidates work in, we attend the same training as them, partaking in hostile environmental awareness training and crisis management scenarios.

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Case Study

Our contractor’s challenge

NES Global Talent had several contractors working on a project in Libya. However, during the course of their assignment a widespread protest against the national government broke out. Soon the protests became violent, putting contractors and their families in potential danger.

Our solution

Such was our knowledge of the developing situation that we put together an individual security plan for each of our contractors and their families. We assessed the situation, kept the contractors fully informed via text, email and phone calls and were in continuous contact with our local security partners.

The outcome

We recognised that events were deteriorating rapidly and through prompt action we evacuated all of our contractors and their families from the country. This was completed a full 24 hours before Western governments issued evacuation notices that initiated panicked scenes, ensuring our contractors were safely evacuated before the rush.