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NES Global talent is a contract workforce specialist, providing contract recruitment solutions across the engineering spectrum, including Oil and Gas, Power and Renewables, and Life Sciences.

Our international award-winning team has over 40 years of experience in temporary hiring solutions and contractor workforce management and is built from discipline-specific consultants who truly know their markets.

We work with the most sought after engineers in the world and will scour the global talent pool to find you the right skillsets and expertise to drive your business or project forward.



We make it easy for you; outsourcing your contract staffing services to us means that you’ll get the very best temporary staff on your project, exactly when you need them to be there.
Outsourcing your project staffing to us means that we’ll...
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    We have 60+ offices around the world and have placed over 127 nationalities into 91 countries; our candidate talent pool is both international and highly experienced.

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    You don’t need to worry about conducting research, interviews or background checks. We’ve got it covered.

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    We meet challenging deadlines to ensure that you have the project workforce you need on time and on budget to avoid disruption to your business schedule.

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    Contractor payments are made in the local currency and we have regional compliance teams to oversee contracts.

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    We take care of arranging visas and work permits, mobilising the candidates, arranging accommodation and local payroll.

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    Depending on your needs we can work from your office managing the recruitment process, offering consultancy and producing strategic hiring plans and progress reports.


NES has dedicated compliance personnel forming part of the Commercial and Legal Team, delivering expertise in Commercial Compliance, Risk, HSE, Quality, Data Protection, Travel Management and Insurances.

Based in 6 locations: UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, UAE, and Norway, our geographical spread ensures we fully understand the implications of regional legislation for your project scope. We will never allow someone to start work at your company without ensuring they are set up compliantly and in a position to pay the right tax as required by local legislation.

Taxation & Fiscal Compliance - We know the legislation involved in enabling contractors to work compliantly, saving you from the time and expense of seeking additional commercial and fiscal advice.

Insurances - We have a number of insurance programmes in place
for contractors, including: employers’ liability, workers’ compensation, general liability and third party liability programmes to cover for things like injury, death, damage to property and injury to other individuals.

Tax Requirements - Our global financial advisor, Deloitte, enables us to keep close to current issues and trends on tax legislative, regulatory and judicial developments, meaning that we have professional financial information readily available.


Contract Staffing case studies


    Our client was working on the fabrication of a large offshore Liquefied Natural Gas platform in Malaysia, a country where they had very little presence. The client needed an experienced staffing partner who could manage the entire project staffing process on their behalf, giving them access to a high volume of quality talent in a tight timescale.


    We have a large office in Kuala Lumpur
    (KL); one of our experienced local consultants was assigned to work full time in our client’s office to ensure they could manage the project at close range. Supported by our wider KL team, our
    consultant sourced 50+ contractors in the first year, managing the entire recruitment and HR process, and arranging all contractor logistics including mobilisations, background checks and payroll.
    The project was run to a tight governance structure, which included weekly reporting. This formed the basis for regular meetings allowing our client to accurately forecast spend and identify areas for potential financial pre-emptive action,
    ensuring the project remained within budget.


    Our client was building a floating production, storage and offloading unit in South Korea, then transporting it to a licence block offshore West Africa. The company needed a team of engineers with expertise in subsea systems, umbilicals, flowlines and risers. As this was such a high value project, our client needed the support of a company with proven multi-national project experience and a track record of supporting oil and gas clients from first mobilisation through to first oil.


    With our global reach including an
    established presence in South Korea and West Africa, we were able to use our in-country experiences and discipline-specific understanding of the industry to find the personnel required for the construction and commissioning phases of the FPSO unit.
    Our local presence enabled us to offer dedicated assignment support to our contractors, including visas, full mobilisation support and facilitating payment in the required currency. We sourced a team of specialists from 13 different countries to work on the initial phases of the FPSO unit in South Korea. Prior to the FPSO unit tow from South Korea to Africa, we returned all of the contractors back to their home countries to secure the relevant visas and work permits and ensure that they were fully compliant with local legislation, as well as arranging the necessary medical insurances and security support.


    Our client required a senior reservoir engineer who needed to speak Arabic fluently for a key project in Iraq.


    Our discipline-specific recruitment consultants accessed our global talent pool to find the specialist candidates the company was seeking, ensuring the candidate had both the technical and language skills required. We sourced an Arabic speaking senior reservoir engineer with 13 years’ subsurface experience working for major oil and gas operators all over the world, including Canada, The Middle East, Italy and Scotland. Such is the niche level of our candidate’s skills and expertise that he regularly performs training sessions to workers and representatives from major oil and gas companies in both English and Arabic. As a result of a number of highly successful specialist contract placements, which no other company has been able to make, we have become the preferred supplier with this client making approximately 650 placements per year in Iraq.


Getting your staff to an offshore oil rig or remote drilling site can be challenge, especially when dealing with an expatriate workforce. In addition to recruitment expertise, we also offer industry- leading contractor mobility support services, comprehensive insurances, and manage payroll to ensure our client’s energy workforce is supported at every phase of a project.

Through looking after your workforce, we take away logistical headaches and allow you to concentrate on the business at hand. Our regional teams are based in your time zone, communicate in the local language and develop a true understanding of local culture and practices to assist you with…

    Full support is provided to contractors throughout visa / work permit application processes, and all travel logistics are organised throughout the duration of assignments.

    We offer airport meet and greets, familiarisation services and registration assistance with local doctors, schools and banks so that your engineers can hit the ground running.

    We support with home search and both short / long term accommodation, including facilitating tenancy property management to ensure your workforce settles into their new environment.


    Should the worst happen, we have processes in place designed to keep personnel safe through third party industry-leading security advisors and evacuation procedures. We create situation-specific contingency plans with you, to set out the planned response to an emergency incident including how we would interface with your own first response and crisis management teams.

    • In medical emergencies, we work with you to arrange repatriation of the casualty and on-going medical treatment.
    • In threatening scenarios, we keep your contractors informed of the scenario and offer practical advice designed to keep them safe.
    • In circumstances that require evacuation, we use our advanced travel tracking system to identify the contractor’s recent movements and use our travel team to arrange transport.

    CASE STUDY - Medical emergency for an expatriate
    An instrumentation engineer was placed on an oilfield project in Luanda, Angola. On arrival he was asked to surrender his passport for processing by Angolan Immigration, which takes around 10 working days. Within just four days of the assignment, our contractor contacted us in severe pain.

    NES SOLUTION// We contacted our partner, International SOS, and informed them of the emergency - the contractor had suffered a heart attack and needed to be repatriated to his hometown in the UK for urgent treatment. The contractor was immediately taken to the local medical clinic, where a team of medics and a representative from NES were there waiting for him. We contacted Angolan Immigration to request the immediate release of his passport. One of our staff travelled to the passport office and within three hours of contacting us, the engineer had his passport back. We arranged for an air ambulance to pick up the contractor, and escorted by a doctor he was transported back to a hospital in Liverpool, where he was nursed back to health.

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    To ensure all stakeholders are fully protected, we provide the insurances necessary to cover our legal liability to clients and third parties. Our range of insurances meets all statutory obligations and includes public liability (general liability and third party liability), workers’ compensation and employers’ liability. 

    Our global insurances are industry leading; We offer flexible insurance policies that fit your location, industry and contractual requirements

    Our client in Iraq required a workforce solutions provider that had a credible insurance policy and could accept third party liability. 

    NES SOLUTION// As Iraq has a developing insurance market, it wasn’t possible to provide the required public liability insurance direct from within the country. Using our specialist broker we were able to work with Lloyds of London to create a policy which responded to our client’s requirements.

    Our global partnership meant that we were able to offer appropriate insurance, taking on the risk for accidental damage to property, and death or injury to third parties arising from potential negligence of the worksite. The policy provided an effective transfer of risk, giving our client comfort and peace of mind that should the worst happen, their coverage was secure.

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    Our award-winning payroll team is structured on a regional basis supporting the seamless payroll activities of over 10,000 heads working in more than 70 countries. Our payroll service is accredited by the prestigious Payroll Quality Partnership and also won the coveted industry award for “International payroll provider of the year” at the CIPP Excellence Awards 2016.

    Payroll Administration: We streamline your payroll process and guarantee to pay every single contractor accurately and on time, every time, in the required currency.

    • We have banking arrangements to pay in over 35 currencies around the world. Our payroll guarantee covers contractors for late or incorrect payments as a result of an error on our part, compensating them with the local equivalent of US$100 per day until the error is rectified.*
    • By monitoring and reporting on overtime and key performance indicators, controlling duplicate timesheets and restricting timesheet changes after approval, we help you to keep your staffing costs down without having to spend hours analysing spreadsheets.
    • We endeavour to make the process as easy and user friendly as possible for all your personnel, which includes giving them a point of contact at NES in case of any issues.
    • You can choose how much or how little you would like us to project manage payroll administration. We can integrate our software with your specific online purchase system enabling you to better manage your finances.

    *Subject to terms and conditions.

    Payroll Funding: We understand that your project may not generate an immediate profit and can manage your cashflow on your behalf, consolidating all the payments into a single invoice payable on pre-negotiated terms, enabling you to give your contractors a guarantee that they will be paid correctly and on time.

    CASE STUDY - Managing compliance for a globally mobile workforce

    Our client designs and manufactures flow and pressure control technologies for the oil and gas industry, and required a solutions provider with a strong understanding of local employment laws in order to payroll 30+ staff in Malaysia. The personnel worked multiple shifts and rotations with different rates, which posed a major compliance challenge in navigating the wide array of applicable legislation. 

    NES SOLUTION//  We used our in-country team to seamlessly onboard all staff to the client’s satisfaction, administering stringent compliance checks. We provided face-to-face training regarding the IQN payroll system on site in order to ensure the situation would be managed effectively on an ongoing basis. Our seamless payroll solution meant that the client could proceed with the project at pace. In total, NES successfully placed over 40 candidates and payrolled them in Malaysia on the client’s behalf; providing an efficient, compliant solution which significantly reduced the client’s exposure to risk.

    The strength of our local talent pool was evidenced in that 35 of the onboarded personnel were local to the area. The client was so satisfied with the service that NES were engaged globally via agreements in Singapore, UK, Germany, and the USA.


Resource Coordinator

Resource Coordinator

Global Technological Provider for Power Generation

"My first choice is always NES. There is truly no comparison between NES and our other vendors."

Project Engineering Manager

Project Engineering Manager

Provider of polyolefins, base chemicals, and fertilizers, to the polymer and agrochemical industry

"NES have demonstrated a great understanding of the resourcing market for the chemical industry and have been able to recruit specialist project engineering contractors at relatively short notice to fill vacancies and gaps in the skill set of the department to meet the changing portfolio of work. These roles have ranged from piping designers to experienced engineers and construction leaders. At all times, they’ve offered an attentive and reliable service with the client's best interests at heart."

North Sea Operations Manager

North Sea Operations Manager

Top-tier Oilfield Service Company

"Proactive from the start…regular updates and swift replies."

Mobility Advisor

Mobility Advisor

Multi-national Petroleum Exploration Company

"NES provides us with resourcing, payroll and global relocation management in various locations around the world. We currently have in excess of 70 staff seconded to NES, who provide an ongoing payroll solution in territories where we don’t have a presence. There is a team of staff available to assist each assignee locally, and mobilisations and in-Country management is overseen by the Lead Account Manager, who is instrumental in resolving issues."

Head of Engineering and HSE

Head of Engineering and HSE

Market-leading Biopharmaceutical Company

"I would recommend them to other companies looking for a fast and effective recruitment process."

Site Construction Manager

Site Construction Manager

International Manufacturer of Industrial Gases

"NES have put together an excellent team…the trades personnel supplied have all been of the highest quality."

Commissioning Manager

Commissioning Manager

Worldwide Energy Business

"A market leader in their field."

Group IT Director

Group IT Director

International Technology distribution and specialist service providers

"Tremendous dedication to our personnel… no hesitation in recommending their services"

Technical Programs Leader

Technical Programs Leader

Global Power Generation and Water Technology Supplier

"The level of 24/7 service on a global basis is second to none. Their international talent networks have proven to deliver personnel with a positive and professional attitude."

Project Manager

Project Manager

Leading provider of energy technologies for, drilling, production, and processing

"Timely response and cooperation…people’s movement and visas are well coordinated and the hiring managers are kept informed with regular updates."

Resourcing Supervisor

Resourcing Supervisor

Global Oil & Gas Explorer and Producer

"Responsive, diligent and quality-focused."

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

Global specialty chemicals company

"NES are more than just a recruitment firm, they have become a true business partner. After building a strong relationship with us throughout the US, an introduction was made to NES Australia to discuss supporting and supplying technical staff for our new build Lithium Production Facility in Western Australia. We have since seen the Australian business grow to over 15 people, and have 100% retention on all placed staff (in 12 months), which is testament to their excellent recruitment methods and experienced consultants. They have also assisted us with salary surveys, knowledge on the local employment market, conference invitations, payroll solutions and other general market information that the business needed to get established in Perth in the early stages."



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The spread of COVID-19 is affecting all of us. But as a global staffing company, NES would like to reassure our customers that we are fully operational across all our locations and are working closely with clients to ensure essential projects stay on track at this difficult time. For regular updates, please see our COVID-19 Support Hub.