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Find out how we have supported the Pacific Trail Pipeline and the Bakken Shale Transportation expansion.

Mid-Stream Case Studies

NES Global Talent’s global infrastructure and experience in supporting the staffing of major projects has allowed us to become an integral part of our clients operations and a leader in supporting Midstream work.

The Pacific Trail Pipeline

NES Global Talent currently supports the preliminary development of the Pacific Trail Pipeline project in Western Canada, involving initial surveying, geotechnical and preliminary clearing and construction works.

The Pacific Trail Pipeline is a proposed 480 kilometre natural gas pipeline that will deliver gas from Summit Lake, B.C. to the Kitimat LNG facility site at Bish Cove on the northwest coast of British Columbia.

NES Global Talent was engaged with the project to search and select contractors from concept development through to construction, becoming a key partner in sourcing qualified candidates across the project hiring, which included a variety of Safety, Environmental, Regulatory, Project Engineering and Construction personnel.

Bakken Shale Crude Oil Transportation

NES Global Talent currently supports the crude oil transportation and system expansion in the Bakken Shale, involving project management and engineering support through the installation of additional pump facilities and pipe expansions.

The Crude Oil Transportation System Expansion originating in the Bakken will be expanded from 84,000 b/d and is set to grow to 108,000 b/d in 2016. Valued at $500m, this expansion will cover production areas in the North Dakota and Montana region.

NES Global Talent has been engaged to support key staff personnel to cover Project Management and Engineering requirements on the operational side to support the project out of both Texas and Oklahoma offices.

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