Planning & Performance Management Analyst

Job Title: Planning & Performance Management Analyst
Contract Type: Contract
Location: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Salary: Competitive
Start Date: 2019-04-28
Reference: BH-107215-1
Contact Name: Yaqub Al Nassir
Contact Email:
Job Published: August 29, 2019 15:45

Job Description

Major client in Saudi Arabia is looking to hire a Planning & Performance Management Analyst to their Unconventional Resources Support Division.


Job description: 

This experienced professional position supports URE PPM Unit’s mission to oversee, report & drive improvement of the cross-functional performance of UR Well Delivery (WD) and to develop, track and maintain UR WD Integrated Activity Planning (IAP). As such, the role of this Specialist position is two-fold. On the one hand, to track & analyze WD financial, economic and operational metrics to analyze performance evolution over time, conduct root cause analysis on the challenges and identify performance improvement opportunities. On the other hand, to coordinate the IAP cycle, collect planning inputs from Functional Planners, find optimal solutions to solve operational planning challenges, maintain and distribute the IAP to all stakeholders.

This position will be supported by URE PPM Analysts and will report to a URE PPM Team Lead.



  1. Capture, Analyze & Report Well Delivery (WD) Performance
    • Monitor & upgrade WD Performance Dashboard as required with the adequate WD performance metrics (operational, economic & financial)
    • Analyze WD performance metrics and conduct root cause analysis (RCA) with Functional Focal Points (e.g. Drilling, Completions, Facilities, etc.)
    • Report WD performance on a regular basis
  2. Drive Continuous Improvement of WD Performance
    • Based on RCA and / or Data Analytics findings, identify opportunities to improve WD performance (can be related to processes, organization or tools) in coordination with Functional Focal Points
    • Drive and/or follow up on WD Performance Improvement Projects (depending on project nature), report progress & issues
  3. Develop rolling 18-month UR Integrated Activity Plan (IAP)
    • Coordinate UR Integrated Activity Plan & manage UR IAP solution
    • Drive & support the IAP planning cycle process that coordinates all stakeholders to build UR 18-month rolling IAP (e.g. run the various IAP meetings)
    • Optimize IAP with Functional Focal Points and IAP solution optimization engine
  4. Manage IAP changes & Share updated IAP with all stakeholders
    • Capture actual activity progress / unplanned operational constraints from Functional Focal Points
    • Adjust IAP as required with Functional Focal Points (following management of change process to keep all stakeholders up to date on change)
    • Ensure latest IAP version is made available to all stakeholders in due time (e.g. weekly or daily)

Key Tasks:



  • Monitor WD Performance Dashboard & other UR performance reports as required
  • Ensure data accuracy / cross-check with other company reports as needed
  • Develop & implement tracking of new metrics to bring visibility or granularity on opaque challenges or close data gaps
  • Understand performance trends and identify issues & bottlenecks with methodology
  • Conduct root cause analysis through data analysis and / or interviewing of stakeholders
  • Regularly liaise with Functional Focal Points to highlight & discuss key insights / findings / ideas / concerns
  • Brainstorm with Functional Focal Points Performance Improvement Projects to propose to URE PPM Leads
  • Provide continuously innovative reporting and analysis to increase the understanding of the business
  • Prepare general performance reports to share with UR Management and customized reports for Functional Managers
  • Leverage WD Workflow Management solution to continuously streamline WD processes
  • Support other Functions to define performance targets on certain metrics when needed
  • Collect planning inputs from UR Functional Planners
  • Build / update UR Integrated Activity Plan from functional inputs in IAP solution
  • Run IAP meetings with all Functional Planners to optimize / de-conflict schedule
  • Assess IAP activities readiness with Functional Planners to minimize schedule changes
  • Monitor / track unplanned events with potential impact on IAP schedule
  • Manage IAP schedule change requests with Functional Planners
  • Maintain IAP schedule accuracy and share updated IAP schedule with all stakeholders on a daily basis.





  • Drive up overall UR business performance through the development of performance metrics, effective data capture, diligent monitoring & reporting, and thorough data / root cause analysis
  • Drive up overall UR business performance improvement through the design & oversight of performance improvement initiatives
  • Realize efficiency gains through consistency in data accuracy and evaluation methods
  • Share key insights for stakeholders to act upon and improve performance
  • Increase overall comfort level with reporting accuracy in the organization
  • Drive up planning transparency & accuracy
  • Accelerate optimal & coordinated resolution of unplanned operational challenges


Requirements for Position:





  • 10 years’ experience in the Unconventional operations.
  • Deep understanding upstream value chain performance management, preferably in unconventional resources
  • Strong experience with process management, analysis & improvement