Lithium Mining Jobs in Australia

Global demand for lithium is booming due to the rise of electric vehicle sales, which has increased from 113,000 (2012) to 1,209,000 (2016) and is set to continue, and renewable energy sources, which recently surpassed coal as the largest source of global electricity capacity.

Australia in particular has a large amount of lithium reserves (over 1.6 million MT identified) and is currently the top lithium producing country in the world.

With growing demand set to continue, lithium projects are starting to surge in the country, creating lithium mining jobs for locals and global contractors alike. For example, Western Australia had just one lithium producing mine last year, but could be home to as many as seven by 2018.

NES Global Talent is a tier one supplier to many of the major lithium miners around the world and particularly in Australia. We provide key staffing services to lithium extraction operations and processing facilities across states, recruiting for a variety of different jobs from project management to mechanical engineering.

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