Client’s Challenge: The client won a five year contract to provide hook-up, commissioning, maintenance and modifications services for an oilfield development. They needed 900 immediate hires as well as 400+ onshore personnel.

Solution: NES developed a comprehensive recruitment strategy, with a lean methodology that removed manual processes to increase efficiency. We immediately mobilised a team of experienced recruiters to work alongside the client’s HR team and identified a pool of over 3,000 potential candidates. We then vetted all candidates and held assessment open days to test and interview the best offshore team. We consulted on technologies to ensure smooth communications between departments and to improve their VMS.

Outcome: Targets were met with 100% compliance. We achieved zero missed mobilisations – which on this scale is unheard of. We provided significant cost reductions and have saved the client over £1,700,000 against market rates. The client is happy with our services and we continue to meet their staffing needs for this project. 

The spread of COVID-19 is affecting all of us. But as a global staffing company, NES would like to reassure our customers that we are fully operational across all our locations and are working closely with clients to ensure essential projects stay on track at this difficult time. For regular updates, please see our COVID-19 Support Hub.