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Simon Coton

Simon Coton

Chief Operating Officer​

Simon Coton joined NES Global Talent in
1995 as a recruiter, and progressed up to his current role leading NES operations in 2008.

In that time he has been a key part of the executive team, delivering the sale to AEA investors in 2012, securing a number of refinancing deals, and making 7 strategic and value adding acquisitions.

Under Simon's leadership NES has expanded its operations to 66 physical locations around the globe, expanded its sector focus, and grown its turnover to over $1.8 billion.​

Simon Coton
What makes us different?
“NES Global Talent consultants deliver time after time where many others fail.”
“Our recruitment consultants are discipline specific, so that they can talk with authority about the discipline in question.”
“We are truly well positioned to help job seekers find work – we have exceptional staff, a true global presence and work with an enviable client base.”
“We speak with job seekers from all over the world – and we have consultants that live in their country, speak their language and understand their cultures, which positions us strongly to find work for job seekers from all nationalities."

NES Global Talent is proud to announce the strategic alignment between ourselves and the Fircroft Group to create NES Fircroft, one of the leading human capital solutions businesses for engineering and technical talent globally.