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NES Sure Flow - Safety Mission

NES Sure Flow are committed to safety and loss control through their work standards and safety program in order to protect their supervisors, sub-contractors and employees, clients’ employees, clients’ property and the environment.

Achieving and maintaining an incident and accident free work environment is a top priority for NES Sure Flow. The management team is responsible for ensuring supervisors are aware of all government, client, company and other regulatory requirements. Supervisors, sub-contractors and employees are responsible for performing their work safely and in compliance to the company and the clients’ safety programs.

NES Sure Flow has earned and maintained their Certificate of Recognition, “COR” since 1998 which is awarded to petroleum industry companies who have a Health, Safety & Environmental program that meets industry standards and qualifies for Alberta Human Resources & Employment and WCB Partners in Injury Reduction  (PIR)  Program.

NES Sure Flow is a registered and member in good standing with three Prequalification Contractor Management and Supplier Companies: (Comply Works Ltd, ISNetworld & PICS)

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